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Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps For Your Android

Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps For Your Android
1) SwiftKey Swiftkey is one of the most popular apps for the keyboard that has been on the market for some time, but still, it managed to appear in the selections of most users. Swiftkey provides various themes and some awesome feature that is much needed for aKeyboard app.

2) Kika Keyboard This is another keyboard app which is worth checking out. Kika Keyboard also houses many customization options and it supports 82 different languages. You can change the color,theme, design, font and wallpaper and more of Kika keyboard to make it more user-friendly.

3) Flesky Flesky provides lots of themes. Flesky keyboard is little different from all other keyboard app listed here because it brings an intelligent integrated system which provides auto correction and many more features.You can fully customize your Flesky keyboard likeyou can change themes, colors, and font as per your wish.

4) Ginger Keyboard Ginger Keyboard is for professionals. Ginger Keyboard features a minimalistic look and offers some interesting features.
Ginger Keyboard is known for itsgrammar corrector and itbrings a special bar on the keyboard which provides lots of shortcuts.

5) Swype Do you type your texts bysliding your fingers through the keys on your keyboard? You need to thank Swype app. Swype keyboard is the first app to provide the slide to type feature. Now almostevery other keyboard apps have implemented the same feature. Swype comes with five different themes and it also bringssupport to emoji.
"These are the five best Android keyboard app which you can have on your phone. If you want to add some other app inthe list, just drop a comment."

Thank's for reading my article
Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps For Your Android
Create by cyberlordh at 2018-01-06
XTBlog by: D Cyberlord

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