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5G Is Here "First 5G Spec Has Been Finalized!"

5G Is Here
We all know that several carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T were trying really hard are preparing for the implementation of b>5G by the year 2019.
Very often we watch, news regarding5G implementation making the headlines. Well, until know none of them really know what they’ll be working with to implement the 5G connectivity.

The organization that governs cellular standards, has officially signed on the first specifications for 5G connectivity at a meeting that was held on Lisbon, Portugal.

In simple words, it means that particular 5G standards have been set now. This 5G standard will help network and radio engineers to work on a single principle for all 5G devices.So, carriers, radio equipment manufacturers and phone makers will have to work on the same functions, features, services, and standards to create and roll out 5G equipment.

The standards have been finalized before the end of this year. Because of this approval, now chip-makers can start to develop the silicon-basedparts that will work with 5G networks.

Having the set standard for 5G networks looks like a huge step forward for getting into the real and commercial 5G network up and running.

Since it gives companies a specification for what they really need to be building.Smartphone makers, Component manufacturers and carriers lik Qualcomm, T-Mobile, ZTE, Verizon, Sony, MediaTek etc have already expressed their excitement for the future of the 5G network.

So, which smartphone manufacturer will be making the first 5G enabled smartphone? Discuss with us in the comments below.

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5G Is Here "First 5G Spec Has Been Finalized!"
Create by cyberlordh at 2018-02-20
XTBlog by: D Cyberlord

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