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Top 5 Best Private Search Engines To Hide Your Identity Online

Top 5 Best Private Search Engines To Hide Your Identity Online
Private search engines are those which doesn’t store your searchqueries and track your footprints over the web.

Here in this article, we are going to share 5 best private search engine which you can use to stay anonymous.
1. Duckduckgo.com

This is one of the best private search engines you can use today. If you are already using this private search engine, then you will know its potential.

This search engine doesn’t collect or store your search queries on its server.

Moreover, it also makes an extra effort to prevent data from being left in the hands of sites which you visit.
2. StartPage.com
StartPage might not be that much popular. However, this is one of the effective private search engines which you can use. The search engine provides an awesome feature through which users can browse through a proxy server.Browsing through a proxy server ensures that no websites can track your IP address or location.

For personalization, you can change the color of the theme on the StartPage search engine.
This is another best search engine which doesn’t track what users search for. This search engine works in a little different way.

This provides accurate answers and offers open knowledge.
4. Metager.de
If you are looking for strongest encryption process among other private search engines, nothing can beat MetaGet. MetaGer ensures that its users don’t leave any footprint that can make them traceable.

MetaGer also has an option to open any link anonymously through an integrated proxy server. Through proxy server, you can keep your IP Address save from onlinetrackers.

5. search.disconnect.me
Disconnect search is not a search engine as it offers users to browse content from major search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. However, it comes with a twist!
Disconnect Search let you surf by location so that no online trackerscan track your real IP Address.
These are the 5 best private search engines which can help you to remain anonymous. Hope these sites helped you share it as much as possible.

Thank's for reading my article
Top 5 Best Private Search Engines To Hide Your Identity Online
Create by cyberlordh at 2018-01-02
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Top 5 Best Private Search Engines To Hide Your Identity

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