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How To Search On Google Like An Expert

How To Search On Google Like An Expert
Sometimes we face some sucking problema when searching on google.
The search did not match what you were looking for. Have you ever realized that this happened because you did not know how to correctly search with Google Search?

I’ll describe some of the tricks I’ve learned while doing some research on the internet so that you can get the most out of this popular search engine and you can perform this task as an expert.
The most useful is that you need to perform accurate searches.

For this, you have to use the search in quotes(""). In this way, we instruct Google to display in the result what we indicate as we have written.You can even use sequences of words within the quotes for more specific results such as “7 Interesting Facts About Google People Don’t Know”, which will show Only the result of 7 Interesting Facts About Google People Don’t Know.

If you want to exclude some keywords from the search result then simply place a sign (-)just in front of the word that you don’t want from Google to delete from the results, for example,wooden -houses, this way you will not see results of wooden houses searches as it will eliminate the “houses”Using the wild card(*)can be very effective, when doing research and you are not confident what you are looking for, in this way Google helps us by presenting the different options.

Absolutely , you can restrict the results to a single website. For this you have to do is just write site: website domain, for example, if you want to search for a term on a website like 9jawibe, then you would have to type in thes earch followed by the term you want to search.
These are just a few tips on how to search Google like an expert. Hope you like the article, share it as much as possible.And don't forget to drop any comment.

Thank's for reading my article
How To Search On Google Like An Expert
Create by cyberlordh at 2018-03-03
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