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Activate 9mobile 1gb for ₦500, 2GB for ₦1000 and 3GB for ₦1500

Activate 9mobile 1gb for ₦500, 2GB for ₦1000 and 3GB for ₦1500
Now do you know you Can Activate 9mobile 1gb for ₦500, 2GB for ₦1000 and 3GB for ₦1500. Another double data method which i'm about to show you. And just like any other data plan, you can re-subscribe over and over to get more data.

You can enjoy 9mobile 2GB for ₦1000, 3GB for ₦1500 and more if you keep re-subscribing after the first 1gb data finishes.

This is way cheaper and more affordable than their official monthly data plan which goes for 1gb at 1k.

How to Activate 9Mobile ₦500 for 1gb

You can activate the 1GB for ₦500 plan thanks to 9Mobile double data.

Firstly, migrate to Morecliq tariff plan by dialling *244*1#,
then dial *545# and press 3 for 100% double data offer.

You'll get a confirmation message.

Now, dial *200#, select 3 for data
> press 1 for buy data
> then input 3 again to select the Monthly 500MB.

Once you subscribe to that plan (it costs N500), the data will be doubled and you'll be creditedwith another 500mb, making it 1GB.

How to get 9mobile 2GB for ₦1000, 3GB for ₦1500, etc.

Once the initial 1GB gets exhausted, simply re-subscribe to get more and more data.

Dial *228# to check your balance.Are you still contemplating? There's no need for that.

The data works fast, on all devices and it's valid for a month .
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Activate 9mobile 1gb for ₦500, 2GB for ₦1000 and 3GB for ₦1500
Create by cyberlordh at 2018-04-11
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Comments: Activate 9mobile 1gb for ₦500, 2GB for ₦1000 and 3GB for ₦1500

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