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TSTV Dexterity Decoder Sales to Start Soon

TSTV Dexterity Decoder Sales to Start Soon
Dexterity decoder – Not too long ago, TSTV Africa commences the sales of sassy decoder nationwide.While some people had already gotten their TSTV sassy decoder; some are still waiting expectantly for the decoder to be available in their region.

But be rest assured that there are dealers in all the 36 states.

However, TSTV Africa took to their social media handle to announce the commencement of Dexterity decoder soonest.

You are already aware that the decoders are in two forms. Sassy and Dexterity.

According to TSTV

Dexterity decoder sales will start soononce we havecompleted our ongoing nation wide tests and full integration ofour data hubs nation wide.

We can guarantee everyone that TSTV will revolutionize and create a new model for the entire pay TV market in Africa.
We are just getting started…

Dexterity decoder is what everybody want because it comes with the complete full packages of TSTV Africa, free 20GB data, ability to record any TV program of your choice and every other thing TSTV promised before the launch.

And once the dexterity decoder is available, you will be able to exchange your sassy decoder for a fee to get the new decoder.

Let us know if you’ve successfully picked up your own sassy decoder.

Thank's for reading my article
TSTV Dexterity Decoder Sales to Start Soon
Create by cyberlordh at 2018-04-17
XTBlog by: D Cyberlord

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Comments: TSTV Dexterity Decoder Sales to Start Soon

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samson felix

what's the total package of this product?

No Photo
Adeyemi from lagos

Er you people sure that EPL will transmitted live on tstv next season.. I need a sincere answer on this

No Photo
Adeyemi from lagos

Er U people going to sell decoder separate from the dish, or both is #3500..


The satellite dish components will usually come in separate parts

No Photo
Olawoyin Femi

We have trust in tstv... May the Almighty God continue strengthen the initiative... God bless Nigeria

No Photo
Tanimu agyo

Taraba is yet to b supply stock. Keenly waiting to have mine

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